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La BBC parla del lockdown in pidgin

Coronavirus: Italy announce lockdown of northern part of di kontri
(BBC Pidgin, 8 marzo 2020)

Italy Prime MInister, don order almost total lockdown of im of in very rich northern part of di kontri including im financial capital Milan as dem dey try control di outbreak of coronavirus.

Dis na di first time wey Italy dey take dis kain serious decision to restrict pipo moment.

Dis lockdown decree wey Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, sign go affect about 16 million pipo wey dey live for cities like Venice, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Rimini.

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Oga Conte say, nobody go fit enta or comot dis areas or di waka upanda any how inside di area unless dem fit “porve say na for work purpose, emergency or health reason.

“We have to limit di spread of di virus pus make sure say work no over much for our hospitals,” im tok.

Di Prime Minister wey announce di lockdown for news conference afta 2am say, “we dey face emergency, national emergency.”

Italy get 5,883 confam cases of coronavirus and 233 deaths.

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