Nazism is female sexuality as an ideology

“Mittgart colonies were a project by Willibald Hentschel, an acquaintance of my former friend Alfred Ploetz. Hentschel wanted to promote free mating, he was against monogamous marriage. He believed that, as in the case of rabbits, even a vigorous human male was entitled to many females (that’s ‘natural law!’). Hentschel believed that in the good old times, when the struggle for existence was still disputed only on a physical level, an exponent of the German race had to kill nine other men before he could court their widows.
Even in the case of Hentschel, however, we note the mixture of irrationalism and opportunistic scientism. Hentschel was an important chemist. With his patents and inventions he gained a lot of money in order to buy land and create these Mittgart colonies for the sake of the Aryan race.
He set out to find thousands of libertine, tall, blond, blue-eyed women, without harm to posture, who should have lived together for several weeks with hundreds of men, chosen with the same criteria, and sleep with a lot of them. Among these men, of course, our dear Professor Hentschel. Then the women and men would be separated again to return to take care of their tasks, mainly farm work. The project failed because few women answered the call: to be exact, only four. On the other hand, men arrived in droves, thousands of voluntary males ready to enter a community still to be cretaed. They wanted, like to say, to take part in the project.
Alfred Ploetz believed that this was complete nonsense, a nonsense that, as you know, later came to be realized in the so-called Lebensborn project. Himmler was a follower of Hentschel. Even Hitler appreciated him. He always sent his birthday greetings, signed by himself.”

(Uwe Timm, Ikarien, Cologne: Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 2017)

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