We are gynonauts, first explorers into the vast abyss of the female mind

Before the sexual revolution of the 70’s, women didn’t exist. The fantasy of women (loyal, empathetic beings) was maintained through a strict patriarchy and gender roles. When these broke down, we realized that we have never actually seen a woman before. Women were given whatever traits men wanted them to have, and men assumed this to be natural, but now we see that they’re simply projections of the perfect match to male sexuality and not their natural state. We are gynonauts. First explorers into the vast abyss of the female mind.

I found this quote on r/Braincels (Theory: We are seeing the first generations of women) and I want to save it for the internet before it disappears into the shadows of censorship. There is also a a noteworthy comment related to it:

We still haven’t seen them completely, they are still held back a lot by social shaming and expectations, etc. Look how desperate they want to be naked 24/7 like an animal but most still don’t have the guts to do it yet, but they’re all still way more naked than girls 100 years ago. They are honestly very similar to female chimps. A real human woman wants to chill out naked all day, get fucked many times a day publicly by the top males, incite violence against the lower ranking males if they’re not bringing in enough food and then sometimes out of pure boredom, have babies and play with them in a big group with the rest of the females, and have everything catered to them.

I think there’s some truth in these blackpilled observations; actually many of us feel as the first generation able to see how women are. Or, to be more precise (because this is the point) what is the real nature of female desire. For centuries Western culture has even forgotten that women have a sexuality: just to give an example, I want to quote an insignificant Italian philosopher, Giuseppe Rensi (1871–1941) only because in his time he was considered a revolutionary follower of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. In one of his nihilist essays, Against love and work (1935), Rensi affirms that woman is naturally monogamous because their erotic charge is very low, while man is pushed towards polygamy by sexual instinct.

Just to say the awareness that women have sexual feelings is so little widespread that has indeed affected neckbeards of the early twentieth century. Regardless, even in my country (Italy) pickup artists base their “first lesson” on the revelation of “the secret” (women enjoy sex too…): what they avoid to remind is that women’s sexual desire has many Lovecraftian traits, being based on biological determinism and attraction for dominance, violence and aggresivity. This is the phenomenon we have to deal with, this is the force that is transforming our society into a horde.

If somebody can see patterns, he can perceive the degradation of our world even in everyday life. For example during those strange rituals we incels-in-disguise keep on calling “dates”, but which generally turn out to be humiliating ordeals, it is however possible to observe how women behave when social shaming is loosened. The typical “date” of a guy like me can be described in a nutshell: the lady talks about her ex-boyfriend all along, she hits with all the men in the club and drinks averagely two/three cocktails and smokes one/two joints (all paid for by the simp).

The last weekend, for instance, I went to a concert with this foid (I don’t think there’s any need to make clear that this girl is what incels call a Becky, so let’s keep using this nice jargon). She literally start to drool first for half the guys in the room (as I said above, it happens regularly) and then for the singer. Later I discovered the guy was an old school chum of mine (this explains how much I cared about him or his “music”) so he gives me everything about his band (vinyls, stickers, autographs) and invited me backstage. It was the only moment of the evening when I could relax: the next minute the foid saw me following the band behind the stage, she immediately freed herself from the flock of her casual orbiters (I realize only now that the suburban concerts are so saturated with beta males that it’s almost dangerous to bring a woman there).

She was completely out of control, but even when she was off her face, she still wasn’t able to hide her repulsion towards me. In fact, the only words she addressed to me throughout the evening were “Move a little further” when I tried to wrap my arm around her shoulder. Is this the real life? This is just one of my last experiences, but it is practically the same as all the others. The main problem is that I generally go out with, like I said, glasses-wearing Beckys who in my opinion should feel more social pressure because of their job (teachers, baby-sitters, care givers etc.). Instead, it seems that there’s no longer any code of behavior even among these nerdy skanks who should keep a modicum of dignity if only for mere economic survival.

Especially in recent times, I can’t help but have these thoughts even when I should simply pretend to “have fun”. Everytime I’m with women, I only see the woman, this hostile and mysterious creature. I’m so depressed that I can’t even write in my mother tongue. Indeed I fell I no longer even have a mother tongue: there is only a gradual descent into incel lingo and stuff. Everytime I go on one of those forum the first comment that comes to my mind is “I’m 34 and this is deep.” Too many similarities between those forms of life and me, too many coincidences; but I trust one day some truth will be discovered by those gynonauts, even if they are just angry lonely men like myself.

4 commenti su “We are gynonauts, first explorers into the vast abyss of the female mind

  1. Il discorso rischia di essere profemminista.
    Ed inoltre femminea realtà quasi svelatasi…non sarà che la conferma è che allora quasi per definizione l’umano mascolino è quasi sempre cagnolino, svelando pure lui?

    1. Il secondo punto è insignificante ai fini del discorso, mentre il primo non si è proprio capito: in che modo può essere profemminista ? La sinistra non detiene il monopolio della demitizzazione

  2. Amico mio, le aspettative e i metodi e gli ambienti di ricerca contano molto. Cosa cerchi? Una compagna per la vita (la meriti, visto che non sei affatto stupido e hai un mondo interiore ricco, non solo calcio-cibo-f**a) o femmine da letto? Se cerchi sesso troverai molte femmine e molte delusioni. Se cerchi una vera donna forse conviene puntare altrove. Di brave donne della tua età sole ce n’è in giro.
    Un abbraccio.

  3. Ovviamente una compagna per la vita, le vere “femmine da letto” si trovano solo in Paesi civili come la Svizzera, le altre sono più che altro da “letto d’ospedale” perché, tra le altre cose, raramente fanno dei controlli sulle malattie sessualmente trasmissibili. Inoltre, più in generale, mi disgusta la degenerazione (soprattutto perché quelli come me ne sono esclusi).
    Mi sfugge il nesso tra il “non essere stupido” e il “meritare una compagna per la vita”, dal momento che le cose vanno esattamente nel sesso opposto: non mi è mai capitato di conquistare una donna grazie ai miei interessi o la mia intelligenza e sinceramente non penso che mai capiterà.
    Riguardo le “brave donne della mia età”, sono quelle che ormai non possono più permettersi di essere “cattive” e cercano il primo coglione di turno per “fargliele pagare tutte”.
    Mi interessa invece quel “puntare altrove”: nel senso che…?

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